New ViewSonic IFPD engineered for education

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Engineered specifically for the education market and incorporating the very latest technology, the IFP7500 is set to become ViewSonic’s flagship IFPD

and continue ViewSonic’s mission to bring ‘Simplified Complexity’ to the education market. Tony White, AV Category Manager at ViewSonic Europe highlights: “As a company focused on building the industry’s most efficient computing solutions, we know the importance of having great products to feature our latest technology.

Launching this month, the IFP7500 is the latest in ViewSonic’s product line of interactive large format displays to encourage collaboration and learning in the education sector. ViewSonic’s in-built ViewBoard software (which is Android compatible) enables students to write, highlight, edit, and transform documents and images in real time. In addition, screen recording means lessons can be shared afterwards with other educators and students—enabling the learning process to extend outside of the classroom.


The IFP7500 incorporates Intel’s new Smart Display Module (SDM). This in-built technology is described as the smallest, most powerful computing engine for IFPDs to date and combined with ViewBoard’s exclusive Google Drive Save function, provides teachers and students with an efficient means of processing, storing and sharing engaging content. The optional slot-in PC provides additional computing power and allows teachers to project their own material and lessons onto the big screen, as well as providing further touch functionality for fast moving educational environments.

Delivering four times the detail of full HD displays, the IFP7500’s 4K display shows images with more depth and clarity. The new screen is ideal for higher education and with the 20-point touch-enabled display—whereby up to twenty users can simultaneously write or draw on the display’s surface using their fingers or styluses.

The multi-touch interactivity of the large-format display provides a platform for teachers to experiment with and for pupils to enjoy a connected learning experience. ViewSonic believes interactivity is an important way to grasp the attention of young people, helping them to learn and develop through participation.

 Classroom - slide composited in

Engineered specifically for the education market and incorporating the very latest technology, the 4K, 75-inch IFP7500 is set to become ViewSonic’s flagship IFPD

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