Midwich showcase returns to Mercedes Benz World Technology Exposed 2017

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Midwich showcase returns to Mercedes Benz World
Technology Exposed 2017
11-12 October 2017
Mercedes-Benz World
Midwich Group’s Technology Exposed returns to Mercedes-Benz World on the 11th and 12th October 2017 this year. As in previous years, the event will feature a series of vertical market areas, targeted at the Corporate, Retail and Education markets. These will encompass a myriad of products, supported by rich market developments and key statistical information.
For example, the retail zone is set to show the latest and greatest in shop floor technology. In 2016, 50% more shoppers looked at a digital screen showing static content. At Technology Exposed, you can discover how ‘lift and learn’ technology is changing the face of shop floors; while admiring yourself in impressive mirror displays. However, Midwich doesn’t stopped there. and will also be showcasing the systems in place behind the scenes. Attendees can witness real-life examples of heat mapping technology in use, and discover the improved impact this has had on increasing sales.
Corporate Zone
The Corporate Zone will feature six bookable meeting spaces allowing attendees to hold their very own meetings at the event, experiencing an abundance of different corporate kit first hand. All the kit necessary is available through Midwich to create future-proof visionary meeting room spaces.
The nature of the space is fundamental to the effectiveness of the meeting. According to Futuresource, a business is five times more likely to have positive employee engagement, twice as likely to be profitable and twice as likely to outgrow competitors if it embraces current meeting room technology.
With over 13 million meeting room spaces in Europe alone, the opportunities available to resellers and systems integrators are truly outstanding as the working environment continues to evolve.
To help channel partners, the Midwich W.O.W. Space configurator has been revamped and refreshed. You can design a unique meeting space, with the very best technology and expertise, that allows you to bring your own device, connect effortlessly and Work On Wireless.
Education Zone
Technology Exposed will also show how technology impacts on young people as they prepare to join the workplace. Over one third of teachers admit that, when used correctly, technology can improve student results.
At Technology Exposed academics can take this opportunity to meet with Midwich teams, and discuss demonstration and training options for the education market. The education area at the show will cover the more unconventional setup of a media suite, with live filming and editing on-site, alongside an advice centre for more standard classroom environments.
Issues and opportunities
Other issues and opportunities under discussion at Technology Exposed include: collaboration technologies and how the market is adopting these technologies; how vendors and their products complement each other to permit clients to meet their client’s business needs. Equally prominent will be the adoption if interactive technology by education, asking what are the key considerations for schools, and considering manufacturers are leading the charge and addressing the needs of their target markets.
Aside from education, Technology Exposed will consider other verticals are seeing an increase in use of touch display technologies, outside of the volume led, price sensitive education market. Central to this will be a consideration of how he business landscape has changed over the past 12 months, with more emphasis placed on customer intelligence and how Midwich has committed to adding more value for its customers.
Two more elements of Technology Exposed stem directly from acquisitions by the Midwich Group. The acquisition of PSCo has brought the technology of Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED into the Midwich portfolio and the AV market generally.
Holdan is another Midwich acquisition that has expanded the portfolio into the broadcast market. Holdan acknowledges that it has has learned many lessons in the year since the Midwich acquisition, with new approaches to market that the broadcast industry can learn from, such as: the emphasis on full service distribution; the user benefits of attachment sales; the importance of project support; user friendly control interfaces and the rewards of new market generation.
If any of this takes your fancy, you can register for the event at: http://technology-exposed.com/
Midwich Group’s Technology Exposed returns to Mercedes-Benz World on the 11th and 12th October 2017 this year.

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