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LFDs v video walls: is the playing field levelling out?

In today’s European AV market, the large format display is fast moving to a dominant position in the key growth niches of digital signage, education and collaboration. Flatscreen TVs won the battle with projectors in the residential market years ago. But the flatscreen market will soon no longer be a homogenous space, based on a limited range of technologies.

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Foyer AV: good reception?

Not so long ago, foyer or reception lobby design was all about security and process – is the visitor in the right place? Do they have an appointment? The graphic elements within a foyer were usually limited to the company logo and perhaps a mission statement. Today, the thinking has changed.

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New networking capabilities for Panasonic displays

Panasonic has launched a new range of network LED displays aimed at the corporate and education markets. The LFC70 series is designed with the next-generation wireless technology Miracast, allowing seamless high speed wireless transmission of content, including Full HD video files, from Miracast compatible devices to the displays. The series is also compatible with Panasonic’s Wireless Projector App for iOS, for wireless transmission from iOS devices to the displays, as well as Panasonic’s Wireless Manager software, which allows wireless presentation from a PC. Enrique Robledo, Marketing Manager at Panasonic, said, “We believe these displays present an opportunity for professionals to consider the future of digital equipment for meetings or classrooms. “Miracast is a powerful tool for sharing media. Fast connection and very high bandwidth means you can display 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second without cable hassles.” DIGITAL LINK makes it possible to send video, audio and control commands via a single LAN cable of up to 100m. The addition of an optional Digital Interface Box (ET-YFB100G) means you can connect all source devices to the display through one cable, simplifying the installation and saving on cabling costs. The LFC70 series is set for release in August 2014 and comes in 80”, 65”, and 50” models.

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