Display diversity: mounting challenges

mannequins in fashion shop display window

Peerless-AV’s cable mount offers a discreet and unobtrusive solution for in-store window displays.

Display innovations have prompted a new wave of mounting solutions as end-user clients buy into the mantra of larger, thinner, lighter and even more flexible technologies for visual impact. In his short piece, we take a look at some of the latest releases in the key application areas of: meeting rooms / huddle spaces; outdoor; and retail.

We are on the cusp of a new generation of display technologies which promise even greater application potential. Capacitive displays, for example, are gaining ground in high-end meeting room, public display and retail applications. They offer a number of advantages: there is no bezel: the display are much thinner and lighter and can use a plastic layer for a substrate instead of glass (making curved or flexible screens easier to make. Vendors are talking about seamless edge-to-edge displays for video walls, with custom over-printing depending on the application.

Keith Dutch, Managing Director, Peerless-AV

Keith Dutch, Managing Director, Peerless-AV EMEA: “Mounts are a vital element of planning and choosing the right support solution for a project

The opportunities offer by capacitive and other emerging display technologies are wonderful, but obviously pose challenges to mount developers where the display is not physically integrated into a fully manufactured product (like a ticket machine, for example). It would be less than ideal is the adoption of the display technology was stalled by the lack of available mounts. The answer, says Keith Dutch, Managing Director, Peerless-AV EMEA, lies in close collaboration between display manufacturer and mount developer at an early stage:

middel atlantic MAP_T5 72

Middle Atlantic Products’ showed the T5 Series Conference Tables at InfoComm 2017.

“Utilising strong OEM relationships, we get involved as early as possible in the R&D process so we can plan with the display vendor to design and build a corresponding mount, with differentiated features, to support their new products. This avoids unwanted lead times and adds value to the whole installation.”

Retail signage

The retail signage market is one of the traditional drives of innovation in mounting technology as designers strive for novelty and impact. Keith Dutch again:

“As a manufacturer of mounts and AV solutions that has worked with many major retail brands around the world, we see one of the biggest challenges being in the planning and execution of projects involving new display technologies. Although there is a temptation for retailers to want the project completed as fast as possible, a clear vision and carefully thought-out plan will ensure a successful, productive and profitable result.”


“Mounts are a vital element of this planning and choosing the right support solution for a project could add value by increasing a retailer’s ROI, driving additional engagement or permitting a more creative install in locations that were previously not considered possible.”

A god example of the innovation / product adoption process occurred earlier this year with the announcement of Peerless-AV’s our cable mount – the latest addition to the company’s retail portfolio. This offers a discreet and unobtrusive solution for in-store window displays. Suspended on high tensile steel wire, the mount creates a secure and stable foundation, which facilitates flexible positioning for flat panel displays up to 65″.

Other emerging display technologies are already covered by the Peerless-AV portfolio explains Dutch:

“Demand for LED is growing, especially for high end fashion retail, and OLED has been on our radar for several years now. We introduced our new generation SmartMount Universal LED Mounting System, in both Full Service and Fixed Flat-to-Wall configurations, at ISE 2017 and further product development in parallel with major LED display manufacturers is in progress.”

“Our new Cable Mount is adaptable to a wide range of environments but is especially suited to retail to complement merchandise in store window displays with eye-catching content to stop traffic and grab the attention of passers-by,” said Keith Dutch, Managing Director, Peerless-AV EMEA. “We first showed the Cable Mount to a European audience at ISE 2017 and most recently at the NEC Showcase in London; both times it was well-received with positive feedback from visitors.”

The solution offers a multitude of installer-friendly features. The mount attaches at any point along the cable with Kwik-Grip cable hardware that instantly sets the adaptor height without the use of a tool, and the ceiling attachment includes Kwik-Loc self-locking cable joiners for quick and simple connection to truss or strut. A keyhole slotted adaptor plate also simplifies placement and speeds up the install. Cable tension can be tweaked using turnbuckles, resulting in a precise and level display. Eye screws and decorative plates are included to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish and simple cable connection.

Meeting and huddle spaces

If retail is currently the driver for mount innovation, the projected increase in video enable meeting and huddle spaces will keep the industry busy for many years to come. Huddle spaces in open plan office areas seem to pose a special problem – there are no walls! Video collaboration developers have relied on table top installation in the past, but customers with limited space are now demanding solutions which leave the table top clear. Two recent solutions, from Logitech and Yamaha, recommend the camera units to be mounted at eye-level.

At Infocomm last month, we saw the industry respond to the entry into the iFPD market by the IT majors – Microsoft, Google and Cisco. Mounts for collaborative solutions

Salamander Designs makes a range of fixed height mobile display stands for interactive touchscreen products such as the Microsoft Surface Hub and other VESA-compliant displays. Like other stands in the FPS Series these stands are robust, designed to accommodate monitors from 42 to 100+ inches in size with a weight capacity up to 400 lbs. Salamander FPS stands are best-in-class products made in USA.

Two new solutions were introduced that support the Cisco Spark Board, a high performing mobile stand and a Low Profile Wall cabinet, said to provide unique form factors to support the Spark Board in different use cases and various users. Both products are ADA compliant solutions.

The Milan Style is a sleek design with future forward geometric three-dimensional, diamond pattern. Finished in white and complemented by variety tops; black or white solid surface top or black or brown glass tops. The durable chassis and adaptable bays are described as providing a “solutions” approach for current and emerging AV storage and mounting needs.

Peerless-AV currently offers dual display and single display Video Conference trolleys, accommodating side‐by‐side displays of 40‐55″ and 32‐75″ respectively, and suited to small meeting and conference areas in which perfect viewing height and aesthetics are key, and all cables can be hidden from sight.

Back to the table top

For customers with space for a table top solution in their meeting space, Middle Atlantic Products’ showed the T5 Series Conference Tables at InfoComm. This is described as are “the industry’s only conference table designed to properly support AV technology for ultimate system reliability”. At its core is the table’s Tech Kit, which is built upon Middle Atlantic’s rack engineering expertise and features a patent-pending, swing-out rack that provides up to 3RU (knobs out) and/or small device mounting that can be located within the table pedestal of choice.

“The conference table is a fixture of many large meeting rooms, but they’re not always conducive to the kind of systems that need to be installed in the room or with built-in connectivity that’s needed in today’s BYOD environment,” said Megan Knedler, director of product management, furniture for Middle Atlantic. “The T5 Series Conference Tables brings together our expertise in reliable rack infrastructure, device mounting, thermal management, power, and connectivity into one comprehensive furniture solution that’s designed how integrators need to work. The T5 Series is a beautiful furniture option built for reliable AV.”

Each T5 solution includes a table top, support pedestals, and a Tech Kit, which ships separately to allow integration to begin immediately. In addition, the racks can be easily removed, allowing primary integration and testing to occur on a traditional work surface rather than crouching under the table. The racks also feature three of Middle Atlantic’s patented tool-free Lever Lock plates for tool-free mounting possibilities. The pedestal conceals both Wiremold InteGreat HDMI Cable Retractors and a Table Box, providing two HDMI connections and two AC outlets for power right at the table surface.

Alternative Core

Core is also a product name that is used by SMS to describe the product category for standard applications and ready for immediate delivery. The SMS Core category contains about 300 products that are always in stock at SMS.

SMS Presence Mobile Motorised mount is one of the Core products. The design completely hides cables and peripherals inside the product. Described as attractive and elegant on all sides, SMS says that the product is able to be placed in the centre of the room.

The motorised height adjustment is said to be soft and quiet, readily available from a button at the side of the unit, behind the display. Motorised height adjustment works for most markets (both 110 and 230 V) and allows users to work ergonomically.

The display can be locked with the accompanying locking screw for personal safety, or with a padlock (not included) which provides increased protection from theft.


Moving beyond the confines of the meeting room or the shop, outdoor has long been tipped as a growth area for AV. A lot of consideration had been given to the requirements for outdoor displays, but what about outdoor mounts? Keith Dutch says that designing and manufacturing outdoor mounts is much more involved than it might seem:

“It is important to remember that outdoor mounts and housings require much greater environmental protection that indoor models. Peerless-AV’s Xtreme Outdoor Displays are available with a range of outdoor accessories, including Environmental Wall and Ceiling Mounts that are wind rated up to 110 mph.”

“Peerless-AV’s outdoor mounts have a special e-coat finish much like the paint finish used for cars, and protection is necessary to ensure that moving parts continue to operate continuously. Structural calculations have also been completed for select mounts in accordance with special seismic certification standards and building standards codes.”

Chief unveiled a new range of outdoor mounts a InfoComm 2017. The new weatherproof ODM series debuted with two durable wall mount solutions. The DMLA25 Articulating Outdoor Wall Mount is designed to support all-weather outdoor installations and enhance the viewing experience. The ODMLA25 Articulating Outdoor Wall Mount provides full motion for optimal viewing from many positions. The mount features a weatherproof design including protective outdoor-rated finishing and stainless-steel hardware.

Where nothing standard will do?

While mount provision is increasing both through existing providers and new players, end-users’ aesthetic and branding requirements are driving demand for custom solutions. Keith Dutch explains that custom products are becoming an increasingly important part of Peerless-AV’s European business:

“Custom is large part of our business in the US and, subject to scale of project, will be also in Europe. Most recently, we started manufacturing our new indoor portrait kiosks in the UK to reduce shipping and lead times to European customers.”

“The kiosk is supplied to customers in gloss black or silver finish as standard with a high-performance, durable powder coat finish. However, support for a wide


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