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September 2016
Retail technology developments
Command and control displays
New initiatives in training and professional development

October 2016
Indoor direct LED solutions
Internet of Things: what’s in it for us?
Emerging technologies: AR and VR
Digital signage player developments

November 2016
Higher and further education
Smart building developments
Solid state projectors: LED and laser

December 2016
Drone video systems
BETT 2016 preview
2015: the AV year in perspective

January 2017
ISE 2016 preview
AV News Awards

February 2017
ISE 2017 Show Guide
BETT 2017 report
CES trends and highlights
Business Technology Trends survey
and report 2017

March 2017
ISE 2017 Show Report
Collaborative technologies report
AV News Award winners 2017
IT / AV integration

April 2017
Simulation / visualisation
Integration market report
Staging and rental
Collaboration in education

May 2017
Unified Communications
Digital signage innovations
DSE 2017 event report
AV and the cloud

June 2017
Touch innovations
Presentation gateways
What’s next in education?
Control systems: residential and commercial

July 2017
InfoComm 2017report
Mounting solutions
Wireless AV

August 2017
Installation projectors report
Command and control
Training and support

September 2017
Retail technology and solutions
Beyond 4K
Holography, AR and VR

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Vivitek: 0 to full portfolio in less than 10 years

When the company launched nearly 10 years ago, Vivitek is the last major display brand...

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