• Tuesday , 21 November 2017

NEC InfinityBoard: flexible collaboration

We have recently spent a good deal of time looking at iFPDs for business collaboration. We were impressed by Microsoft Surface Hub, less so by Google Jamboard, and left wondering, what if you want a professional quality, prestige but not locked down to a specific software platform? NEC’s Infinity Board could be your answer.

InfinityBoard 65” (pictured) features: X651UHD-2 Infinity, OPS, Huddly Camera, SP-65SM Infinity Speaker, 2 x passive pens, MultiPresenter Stick. The InfinityBoard 84”: X841UHD-2 Infinity, OPS, Huddly Camera, SP-84SM Infinity Speaker, 2 x passive pens, MultiPresenter Stick.

Right now, Infinity Board is available in 65” and 84” formats. Perhaps the 65” is a bit big for Huddle Spaces (with the addition of audio and a camera slot, it looks all of its 65” inches). On the other hand, as an all-in-one meeting room or boardroom solution one or other of the two models will fit the majority of requirements.

So, what can InfinityBoard do? This multifunction device currently covers most of the bases – and will soon do the lot. Right now, presentations, brainstorming sessions, reviewing and annotating content, video conferencing and collaborating are well within the capabilities of InfinityBoard’s Mosaic software suite.

The units ship comes with stylus pen and wireless presenting functionality. The powerful slot-in PC is based on the industry leading – granting you flexibility for future upgrades. Pixel-free UHD is a feature of both the 65” and 84” formats of InfinityBoard (unlike Surface Hub where the 55” is FullHD only).


The upgradable OPS based slot-in PC provides flexibility in the choice of apps selected by the end-user. This flexibility extends to the customer’s choice of OS: Windows, MAC, Android and iOS are supported. InfinityBoard supports BYOD with multiple wireless presenting and collaboration options, compatibility with just about any video conferencing platform or subscription service.

The whiteboarding facility is just about comprehensive with intuitive writing, erasing and object manipulation with cost-efficient passive pen or finger touch. Customers can be creative at the whiteboard with intuitive finger / pen touch and palm erasing, and annotate directly into documents. The infinite canvas that gives the product its name, allows customers to create, annotate and present, with the ability to add media panels and import and export content. For Huddle Spaces and smaller meeting rooms participants enjoy pixel-free, ultra-high definition resolution, visual performance.

For our review of InfinityBoard, we sat in a fairly large space but the device’s Huddly camera, with 120° viewing angle, high-end speakers more than coped. In a live video call with Mosaics’ developers, InfinityBoard performed well in both audio and video senses. This demonstration was pretty close to a customer application, with screen to screen and room to room collaboration bringing teams together from different locations to create and share content.

Complete solution

Collaborative writing with the ability to import images, videos, PDFs and Office documents were all tested and proved the capabilities of InfinityBoard – and there is more to come as development continues. While wireless presentation to InfinityBoard works, but is still the subject of further development of Mosaic.

Paul Brown, CEO of DisplayNote Technologies ,explained at InfoComm 2107 that:

“We wanted to build a product that makes it easy for people to connect and share ideas, regardless of what room they ‘re in and the device types they use. We feel strongly about taking an open approach to collaboration: it shouldn’t matter what hardware you use or which platform you’re on.”

“Mosaic is designed for teams working in different places to annotate together on an infinite whiteboard, share images, files, edit documents and make video calls all at the same time. In addition to display-to-display collaboration, the solution will also support display-to-device and device-to-display interaction, which means that users will be able to share what’s on a whiteboard with connecting mobile devices and take what’s on devices, like a laptop or smartphone, and cast them wirelessly to the shared whiteboard.”

As well as joining a live collaborative whiteboard, users can communicate with each other via video. Video and Voice calling is built on the WebRTC framework and work has begun on integration with applications such as Skype for Business, and other leading video conferencing providers.

Aside from the continuing work on Mosaic, in every other sense, InfinityBoard is a comprehensive collaborative solution. In addition to the standard features (listed in the caption with the photographs), options include: a height adjustable wall trolley, and in contrast to Google Jamboard, a height adjustable trolley.


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