NEC projector technology at ISE 2014

ISE 2014_Date_jpgHighlights of the 425m² NEC Display Solutions stand (4-R24) at this year’s ISE will include the latest interactive solutions in the form of multi-touch displays, multi-pen and multi-screen interactive projection, collaborative DisplayNote multi-user tablet solution for engaging meetings and lessons.

Visitors will be able to experience the Edge Blending capabilities of a PH1400U installation, see laser light source projectors in action, as well as preview for the first time in public, the completely new PA Series installation projectors. Launching later in 2014, these incorporate high-performance features including 4K signal support, built-in multi-picture support and NEC patented contrast enhancement amongst others.

Light source technology has been a major focus for the projector industry, with several innovations. In same way NEC’s NC900C cinema projector brought NSH lamp technology into the Xenon driven cinema business, so NEC will be delivering hybrid laser for installation projectors. As such, the SSL system as Laser-Hybrid or pure Laser has been (and will continue to be) a huge focus. Here NEC will show our new PX600UL – a 6,000 Lumen DLP Hybrid Installation projector – along with the compact Digital Cinema Laser projector NC1100L. For those looking to see how laser can deliver an outstanding colour gamut at high resolutions, NEC’s pure Laser 4K projector NC1040L will be demonstrated on the Lang AG booth 1-H80.

Display format and brightness is also being enhanced with developments such as advanced Edge Blending. NEC will be showcasing this technology with eight PH1400U projectors at four Edge Blending projections. Additionally we are showing, for the first time, four new PA622U models delivering a 4K four-projector Edge Blending application. This blending solution is done by projector’s built-in Edge Blending feature, without the need for external software.

When it comes to engagement, NEC’s new M352WS filter-free short throw projector will be demonstrated highlighting the new interactive multi-pen solution. These will additionally be showcased in an ultra-wide, interactive whiteboard scenario using two edge-blended UM330W projectors. Collaboration across all these devices as well as bringing in tablets is realized with DisplayNote demonstrating some brand new features of the upcoming release of V2.0.

We will also present the enhanced new green power saving features of the M402W for the Education and meeting space. This new addition to NEC’s M Series projector range is virtually maintenance free thanks to its filter-free design with sealed light-engine. Combined, this means NEC will show all currently available light technologies – Lamp, LED, Laser-Hybrid and Pure Laser – not to mention many other interesting products and innovations.

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