Vestel announces mid-point of Fatih Project

Vestel has announced that it has reached the mid-point of its commitment to the huge Turkish Government education technology rollout – the ‘Movement to Increase Opportunities and Technology Project,’ or the Fatih Project in short. The Vestel 65” interactive display panel has been exclusively selected to spearhead the on-going nationwide Turkish education project, which will ultimately see the provision of close to 500,000 Vestel panels to 40,000 Turkish schools.

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The Fatih Project has boosted Vestel’s interactive display business to the point where the company is now the world’s largest manufacturer of IFPDs.


Launched two years ago by the Turkish Ministry of Education, the Fatih Project has grown to create the largest education network to date. Scheduled for completion in early 2016, this educational product roll-out will see Vestel become the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of interactive flat panel displays.

Now available in 84”format, as well as 65” diagonal, the Vestel interactive flat panel display is proving to be a valuable teaching aid, helping to draw students in and bring them closer to their subject materials. The Vestel displays offer exceptionally high brightness levels and Full HD resolution. They were selected in preference to interactive whiteboards because the touchpanels provide full visibility without shadows even in sunny or well-lit conditions, never requiring the classroom lights to be dimmed.

Ideal for larger classes, the Vestel displays provide one of the widest viewing angles available, offering an unimpaired view from any seat in the classroom. To minimise the risk of on-screen reflections, displays feature anti-glare tempered glass. Suitable for use in every classroom, Vestel can supply the displays for wall-mounting, or alternatively, they can be supplied with motorised stands, which can be adjusted to suit the height required.

Designed to facilitate the creation of personalised lesson plans in a wide variety of media formats, the touchscreen enable users to display their own teaching videos and audio files. Equally well-suited for use with office applications, the Vestel displays provide an interactive medium on which team exercises and collaborative projects can be managed.  Working presentations can be updated and worked upon during the meeting itself, the display is compatible with software which permits participants to share their feedback on the screen itself.

Offering either4-point or 6-point touch sensitivity, the display uses infra-red sensors to detect contact with the screen. Facilitating smooth and responsive interactions, it can be used with simple touch gestures as well as with a stylus pen. Touch control can be utilized to perform a whole host of functions, permitting documents to be navigated quickly and on-screen shapes and images to be drawn, scaled and erased whenever required.

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Vestel at ISE 2015: the company exhibited its full range of commercial display solutions, including a new hospitality range. 


Compatible with an Intel PC module, the interactive displays are capable of providing a ‘plug-in and play’ solution that can readily be used on-site and with a variety of appropriate software programmes. Easy to configure to the user’s network, the PC module provides either an Ethernet or wireless connection option.

Eco-friendly, the Vestel interactive display is also designed to deliver efficiency and long-term cost-savings. The LED panel has a lifespan of 35,000 hours, enabling the display to stay adequately illumined for over 30,000 hours longer than the average for traditional lamp-based projectors.




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