Vivitek: 0 to full portfolio in less than 10 years

When the company launched nearly 10 years ago, Vivitek is the last major display brand to enter the sector. From a handful of projectors at the time of introduction the company has an extensive portfolio of education and business projectors, flat panels and meeting room solutions. Nonetheless, Holger Graeff, Vivitek’s general manager for EMEA, is reluctant to use the fashionable description of “solution provider”.


When AV News first met Vivitek almost 10 years ago it was to discuss the company’s debut product in the UK market. It was an innovative but not entirely practical solid-state projector – the Vivitek H9090 DLP home cinema projector, powered by an RGB LED light engine and costing (at the time of launch) an astonishing £11,000. (In contrast, Vivitek’s latest Qumi Q8, the first Full HD 1080p LED pico projector, retails at around £840!).


Since these early days, the company has gone on to build a projector portfolio spanning 500 ANSI Lumens to 18,000 ANSI Lumens, encompassing models for education, home cinema, meeting rooms and presentation spaces right through to large venues. This, in itself, would be a commendable achievement, but the seven years since Holger Graeff joined the company has seen Vivitek take on multiple display technologies, adding flat screens and IFPDs to its projectors. Anybody visiting ISE this year will have also seen a new videowall system -using four UHD-4K cubes, a 4,000-lumen laser phosphor illumination source and a DVCS [DVCS (Distributive Vision Control System] manufactured by Vivitek’s parent group Delta Electronics), and exhibited alongside Vivitek’s other display solutions.


More than displays


Vivitek’s InfoComm presence showed that the company hasn’t forgotten its projection heritage, with the debut a new series of large venue projectors, including the DU9800Z.

Today, Vivitek is about more than just displays. The company introduced its Novo range of wireless presentations gateways, meeting room and digital signage solutions. ISE again provided the venue for the launch of new products extending the original NovoPro device with NovoEnterprise, NovoConnect and LauncherPlus. This year has also seen Vivitek’s entry into the collaborative interactive category with NovoTouch – an all-in-one display solution that facilitates group productivity through digital annotation and wireless presentation capabilities.

 NovoTouch signalled Vivitek’s entry into the collaborative interactive sector.


While Vivitek is broadening its portfolio, the company hasn’t forgotten its origins and is enjoying success in the UK with its education offerings, and large venue projectors in China. In fact, last month’s InfoComm saw Vivitek debut a new series of large venue projectors, including the DU9800Z. The Vivitek large venue projectors have brightness levels ranging from 5,500 to 18,000 ANSI lumens and contrast ratios up to 20,000:1.


Vivitek’s large venue projectors use a laser phosphor illumination source and are engineered with an optical sealed engine. The series has resolution options of WUXGA and UHD-4K, edge-blending and warping features, and range of optical lenses, depending on the model. They can achieve an HDBaseT digital transmission (audio and video) over 100m of Cat6 LAN cable. Some models also able to reach this standard using 3G-SDI coax cable over 100m, which is used in rental, staging and broadcasting applications.



So how do all these products leave Vivitek today? The company enjoys its association with Delta. a large and financially powerful manufacturing group that also offers significant R&D programmes an intellectual property resources. Graeff is reluctant to draw comparisons with other manufacturers, and while similarities are bound to be drawn with solution providers, Graeff maintains that Vivitek is a provider of solution components across a broad front.

But there is no standard universal relationship between Vivitek and its customers around the world. In the UK, for example, Vivitek is perceived as a leading provider of education technology: in China, Vivitek is preeminent in large venue projection, and do on.

Going forward. Graeff believes that the Delta IP portfolio will yield many future product opportunities, in areas including energy management, telecoms and smart buildings. He believes that success in these new markets depends, as in any B2B market, being close to the reseller.

NovoTouch signalled Vivitek’s entry into the collaborative interactive sector.



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